Diy Old fashion Bulletin board

Ok, so I had this old bulletin board that my roommate gave to me that she had from the old dorms, she had no use for it, so i said I would take off her hands. I think i’m officially a hoarder, because what am i going to do with an old bulletin board anyway, but before someone stops me for an intervention just see what i did to it.


this is After I got done with it:

BOOM, See so amazingly worth it, i can pinup all my fashion ideas on a board and write down my note on what i what I want and all i need was some:

  • scissors,
  • decorative tape,
  • and some picture that I thought was cool.
  • Also, needed a hammer and nails (if you don’t have a hammer use a butter knife, it works just fine my roommate is a genius).

Now the people in white coats don’t have to cart me off  to the loony bin. now i created a fashion Bulletin Board.

Until next time.

Sincerely, darkangel689


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