The basic code on what to where to a job interview

Recently last week in class we had to write up our resume so whta would be good to wear on the day of the interview? of course you want to be fashionable, look professional enough for the job.

first question before you pick out what to wear is, where should I shop for professional, interview appropriate clothing?

If you want clothing of a good selection with higher quality pieces here are two stores that are for you:

1. Macy and Normstorm is a good place to start

2. if Macy’s and Norm storm are not to your liking,Loft and express is  also a place to shop for more clothes



3. Lastly if your low on a budget there is Kohl’s and H&M to consider

So now that we have established where we would shop here are few tipps should always keep in mind about the clothes you pick for going to an interview

  • Stick to the classics, clothes like blazers, trousers, pencil skirts sheath dresses, and blouses. with these you can never go wrong with at an interview.
  • Subtle and simple jewelry will due, jewelry should not be distracting, but should add a touch of polish to your desired look. lets be real we are not going to a hot club with your girlfriends.
  • It all about the heels you cant go wrong with some classic pumps in a neutral color, but stick to whatever heel height you want, comfortable enough height that your not stumbling every step you take. Also, remember to stick to close toe shoes instead of opened.
  • Skirts and dresses should hit just above the knee, at the knee. nothing to short or too long. this note is for conservative settings, you’ll want to wear black or nude pantyhose to go with.

Touching briefly on how you should wear makeup:

  • Your beauty look should highlight( not hide) you. Style your hair so that it is out of your face, and keep out of your face, and let keep the make up natural.

That all i have to say hope you get the job : )


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