Finding a Good Car Wash

What I went through to find a good car wash was crazy, spent Two hours trying to find a car wash. It was dirty, my car was near a construction site so it got a ton of dust on it. Ok you have to understand that I’m new to Fort Lauderdale the highways are like super confusing to me. I am NOT kidding I would seriously get lost even when I was living in Orlando, and i grew-up there. Basically i have no sense of direction WHAT SO EVER!!!! so here i am driving, couldn’t find my phone to get my GPS on ( by the way it was in the car the whole time Hhaaaha). I went old school reading sign asking people where i can find a descent car wash, looked around everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Finally found one in the route i always take to school( go AI) and finally found one at long last ( tiny tear in my eye) I paid$13 for a deluxe wash ( yea my car look that bad that it needed the works). It was a very small car wash so I was skeptical at first if this small car wash would even clean my car or not, if you were there you would be like $13 for this. But lucky it cleaned my car amazingly its all sparkly now yeahhhh!! well the moral of this story is don’t judge a book by its cover, but in my case a simple car wash. As long is it got the job done, don’t go to the business owners and call them out to a duel because it didn’t perform the job right. Thank God for that. The most funniest part is that when i was driving home there was a bigger car wash close to where I live : 0

( siggghh). I’ll just try that one next and see if it is any good.

Until next time darkangel689.

Vavoline Express Car wash very good clean

Please comment and tell me about your car wash experience love to hear It : )




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