What is Cellulite?

Cellulite, believed to be accumulations of fat under the skin. The uneven appearance results from the thickening fat cells, fluids, and toxins. Mostly prevalent to women than men, and is thought to have links to female hormones.

Possible triggers:

  • poor circulation
  • alcohol
  • refined sugar
  • caffeine

Which can contribute to the build-up of toxins in the body. Cellulite is not generally recognized as a medical condition by many doctors. Persistent, unsightly fat is often is a deposit for toxins, either environmental or dietary.

Ways you can fight this:

  • Exercise
  • skin brushing
  • Massage
  • and eating many organic and few process food as possible


One way is:

  • eat fresh parsley, which is good for detoxification and diuretic.


  • Message with juniper infused oil and take a cleaning tea with herbs such as marigold,
  • Drinking fresh ginger improves circulation in the body; chewing fresh ginger daily to help reduce condition can also help.
  • also chewing Juniper berries can help prevent and treat cellulite.

If these tips are not to your liking try aromatherapy:

  • A blend or geranium and rosemary or grapefruit, juniper or cypress used in message and skin location, or add to your bathes and use a loofah to stimulate the  tissues.

  • Rose oil soothes tissues and affects the liver function, to encourage cleansing. It also strengthens the veins. Add a little to your bath, or message some into the area.

Lastly, Drink plenty of water to flush the system.

* Caution do not use Juniper berries in herbal preparation if you have diabetes, for they lower the blood sugar, and so not eat fresh parsley in pregnancy. 

I hope that this help you if you are suffering from cellulite. Please leave a comment if this has worked for you.

Until next time, darkangel689.



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