How To Wear Leopard Effortlessly

Plus Size Leopard Skirt - copyright Ashley Stewart

or anyone that reads my blog, they know that I love leopard.  It was actually getting a little excessive, so I took a break from it, but this fall is full of this classic animal print and I definitely plan on including it into my wardrobe.  I know that animal print can be a little intimidating, but with a few tips you’ll be a pro in no time.

Start off small – For some people, easing in a little bit of leopard at a time isn’t as overwhelming.  Leopard scarves are always something that I love to include.  I’ve have some big ones from H&M that cost me less than $13.  They are really gorgeous and budget friendly.  You can also add in some leopard print flats, heels or even a bag.  You will see how quickly you like having the print in your look.

Leopard is a neutral – Leopard, in my opinion, is just like wearing black or a neutral. It pretty much goes with anything that you pair it with.  Try pairing it with bright jewel tone colors like pinks, purples, or even greens.  The sky is the limit with this color. You can also always pair leopard with simple black or cream. This is an easier pairing.

All leopard isn’t created equally – Here’s the thing, I see really chic leopard and I have seen some really bad leopard print.  With fast fashion turning out clothing left and right, it’s easy to get distracted with the inferior leopard. I admit, they’ve gotten me too. HA! As a rule of thumb, I try to avoid odd colored leopard, like a hot pink or purple leopard.  It can be so hard, but I make myself leave it on the rack. I have seen a hot pink leopard that was fabulous, but it’s very few and far in between. I also tend to gravitate towards leopard that looks very blended.  The colors integrate easily with each other and one color doesn’t stand out over the other. To me, those tend to look more chic. If you do pick colored leopard then select colors where the leopard print is muted and blends into the color.

Mix Prints – I know mixing prints can be a little scary, but leopard is a great print to work with.  I’ve actually mixed leopard with polka dots and houndstooth. I’ve also seen others mix it with stripes. Every time I see it, it’s adorable.  For me, I’ve stuck with black and white prints.

Leopard accessories – Adding leopard accents in the form of sunny frames, nail art, and bracelets are also a cute way to participate in this trend.

Leopard and denim – This is such a seriously easy combination. You can pair your leopard with a pair of your favorite dark wash denim pants or your favorite light wash boyfriend jeans.  Whichever you pick, you can’t go wrong.

Well those are my leopard tips. I hope this helps you include some of the fabulous leopard that I’ve already ready seen coming out for fall. I’ve already bought about 5 leopard pieces and it’s not even officially fall yet.  I’d love to hear what leopard pieces you plan on incorporating this season.  As always, happy shopping.


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