7 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Mom under $25

Are you stumped on ideas for Christmas gifts for your mom? Perhaps you’re on a budget and that makes it even trickier. But there are lots of Christmas gifts for your mom that you can choose from and these are 7 of them, all under $25. A limited budget doesn’t have to mean you can’t give a great gift.


Does your mom have a favorite author? If so, there’s probably nothing that would please her more than a book by them she hasn’t read yet If she’s an avid reader, this is a perfect choice. It’ll give her something to enjoy in the long winter evenings ahead. Books can make great Christmas gifts for your mom and for a great price, too.

Who doesn’t love a pair of warm, fluffy house shoes to slip into at the end of a long day? House shoes are a choice that’s almost always well-received. They’re practical yet a gift that feels like a luxurious treat, too. While there’re many house shoes that are over $25, there’re also many that are under it. I’ve found some very cozy house shoes for even less than that.

Scarves are still as much on trend as they’ve been forever. They’re a great choice for your mom, sister or any other girl you know that loves fashion. They can change the whole look of an outfit and are a great choice in accessories. Scarves are appropriate for women of any age. Find one in your mom’s favorite colors and it’ll make a great gift for her.

Statement necklaces aren’t just for teens and young adults. Your mom can totally wear one. It’s all about finding a statement necklace that fits her style. Some things that you might want to consider when shopping for a statement necklace for her is the type of metals she likes to wear and her favorite colors. It’s also good to think about what colors she wears the most.

There’re lots of gift sets for under $25 that you can get for your mom. There’s so much variety in this category. You can go with a makeup or hair product gift set or something that is more along the lines of gourmet coffee or her favorite type of candy. This type of gift is a true treat to receive because it’s generally something that you wouldn’t buy for yourself.

Homemade gifts are something that’s always nice to receive. I’m always really impressed if someone gives me something homemade because I know the time and effort that went into it. There’re many options to choose from in giving a homemade gift. You can make something like a body scrub, lotion bar, artwork or many other ideas. Pinterest is a great website to give you inspiration on homemade gifts.

Gift cards are a great gift. I love receiving them because it’s like a shopping trip on someone else. Don’t you feel the same way? Gift cards always fit, too. Do a bit of thinking on what some of your mom’s favorite stores are and you’ll come up with a great choice for a gift card for her.

These’re 7 ideas for Christmas gifts for your mom under $25.

Hope this helped!!!

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