The True Cost Trailer part 1

Hi, everyone I would like to talk to you about this new documentary coming out its called The True Cost I’m going to see tomorrow may 29, 2015, directed by Andrew Morgan, produced by Micheal Ross. This is of course about Fashion, but not the sugar-coated kind. Below is the trailer, the trailer alone gave me shivers. Behind the beauty of fashion its looks like bad warehouse conditions,corruption, and pollution. this documentary shows you what fashion really is and the price others have to pay to give us the latest fashion. I hope this trailer will touch you in some way to make a change. Is America better than this? can we do something to change the outcome of where fashion is heading?

After i see it i hope to give a review about the documentary.

Please leave a comment, and share this around.

In the fashion world there need to be a change.


Hosted By: Fashion Inspires More Cocktail Hour & Panel Discussion

360 Spaces 220 NW 27th St. Miami, Florida

 See more at:

Link to the movie and author website




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