Dating is hard–especially when it comes to deciding what to wear. So, we consulted an expert to nail down the formula for the perfect first date outfit. Read on for some very valuable tips.


Dating is hard. Forget the anxiety that goes into actually getting a date–once you’ve managed to secure one, the real stress begins: Where will we go? What will we talk about? What if I’m annoying? What if he’s rude? What if he hates gerbils? And most importantly: WHAT WILL I WEAR?

We’ve all been there. Just the other day, I was getting ready for one of those elusive first dates. In an absolute scramble, I shook off a few-days-old outfit from the floor and threw it on, only to realize one of the buttons on my blouse was hanging by a thread and the collar was stained with bronzer. Obviously I had to change my direction at the last-minute, which only added to the pressure I was already under (albeit pressure enforced entirely upon myself,by myself, but… whatever). Much of which could’ve been avoided if only I’d had a first date outfit game plan.

It makes sense when you think about it: A first date is like the ultimate advertisement. You’re putting yourself out there–but how much should you really be putting out there (if you know what I’m sayin’)? We consulted New York City Dateologist Tracey Steinberg on finding the perfect outfit to help ease your first date jitters.

Location, Location

For a first date, it can be tough to know how much is too much when it comes to dressing up. Steinberg recommends keeping it safe by sticking to the basics.

“The first thing to do is figure out where you’re going, because you really want to dress for the occasion,” says Steinberg. “Say you’re going to the park: That sounds like jeans and sneakers, as opposed to if he was taking you to a really beautiful restaurant, that would be a silk blouse and heels. So that’s the first thing you want to determine. Then, the most important part is you want to wear something that makes you feel confident and beautiful, whether it’s your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers at the park, or a silk blouse, a pencil skirt, and heels at a beautiful restaurant.”

She’s a Natural

Personal style is always encouraged–but is it smart to show off your pizza

covered platform shoes and black lipstick the first time out go out with someone, or should you keep it a little more low-key?

“You want to be the best version of yourself,” says Steinberg. “I wouldn’t say that you should be somebody who you’re not, but men in general tend to like a more natural, girl-next-door look–Mary Ann over Ginger from Gilligan’s Island… Less is more, as far as your makeup and hair go–you don’t want to be too high maintenance. A lot of men can’t really identify with a girl who’s wearing Gucci, Jimmy Choos, and crazy designer labels head to toe; it may actually turn them off. You want to be the best version of yourself–but above all, you want to be natural.”

What’s Trending Now

Every girl loves a trend–but it’s wise not to go overboard on a first date. “I’d say, avoid being too trendy–a lot of men don’t follow trends, and they won’t really know what you’re doing,” Steinberg advises.

Two trends she recommends ditching for that fateful first meeting? Crop tops and high-waisted bottoms. “You want to dress a little bit flirty and a little bit sexy, but you don’t want to give away everything. Leave something for his imagination,” she explains. “Depending on your age and how confident you are about your body, I would say you want to dress about 25% sexy.”

Weigh Your Options

So what is the ultimate first date getup? According to Steinberg, most dates call for a pair of sexy, flattering jeans, heels, and a silk blouse. “I also recommend to my clients that before they even make a date, they have three outfits that make them feel comfortable going for coffee dates, three for drinks, and three for dinner–the drinks outfits being the sexiest and most flirty, coffee outfits, the most casual and comfortable.”

More into skirts than skinny jeans? Even better, says Steinberg. “Men really love when women wear skirts and dresses because they are so feminine. Definitely, for dinner and drinks, wear a sundress or skirt if you’re into it.”

 Take a Compliment

When you feel confident in how you look, you’ll portray that on your date, Steinberg says. “If you feel confident and beautiful, then that’s the right outfit for you.” And don’t discredit your mom’s advice, either. “Pay attention to the compliments you’re getting from other people. If your friends are always telling you, ‘Wow, your blue eyes look great in that shade of blue!’–pay attention to those types of things. Dress based on the clothes that flatter you, and less about the trends or what’s expensive. Not too high maintenance, not too trendy, not too much jewelry, not too many designer labels. Just be yourself–pared down in a way that makes you feel confident and beautiful.”

Hope this help to get over your post date jitters : )



Stress Out, Chill out

Here is a video by Michelle Phan and, things you need to help you chill out for a while and recharge.

What you need:

1. Find a Quiet area

2. A cup of tea /hot chocolate

3. Eat Mood-Boosting Foods( It doesn’t have to be soup, you can have something you like as long it is under 100 calories)

4. Music player and headphones

5. 1 hot bath

Wear Lingerie to Bed for 7 Nights

So there this article floating around Facebook, so Cosmopolitan wrote this article about a women wearing lingerie 7 night in a row and her sex life changed does this really work. I think its a great way to let that sexy part of you loose. When I begun reading it, it was sweet you can really  tell this couple love each other. She is willing to try something new to please not just her man but herself as well. so in case you have never read this article before,  I hope this help you in your relationship. Try the 7 night lingerie challenge; there’s  no reason you cant look amazing at night as well.

I Wore Lingerie to Bed for 7 Nights — and My Sex Life Went Bonkers

Kathleen Kamphausen

Over the past two years, I’ve worn lingerie for my live-in boyfriend, Ben*, exactly one time, and it was a relatively conservative black sheer thingy with lots of padding. In other words, I’m not really a lingerie person. It’s not that it doesn’t appeal to me. It’s just that the few times I’ve worn it, I’ve felt fake, and honestly, I feel better naked.

So back to my padded black thingy: When I spontaneously decided to try wearing lingerie for Ben, we’d been dating for a year or so. I felt sexy in my outfit, but I also felt a little silly dressing up for someone who’d seen me naked so many times and could describe my go-to PJs (polka dot shorts and a cotton tank) with his eyes closed. It didn’t help that Ben had once told me he’s “not that into lingerie.” I had to chug two glasses of wine to stop myself from changing into basic PJs before the big reveal.

When I whipped out that first and only outfit, Ben was all about it (and has been hinting for a repeat performance ever since). The perfect occasion presented itself in the form of an idea: I’d challenge myself to wear lingerie for a week and write about it. So I raided the fashion closet and brought home a bag of brand-new lingerie to get down to business.

Night 1

Babydoll Chemise, SAPPHIRE BLISS, $238

I had every intention of going all out for night one: Garters, stockings, the whole bit. But by the time we got home from a boozy dinner late that Friday night, I kind of wanted to pass the fuck out. But it’d been a week since we’d had sex (Ben had been sick), and even though we were full from dinner, we were both buzzed and in the mood.

While he was off brushing his teeth, I slipped on the most forgiving and least revealing outfit in my lingerie arsenal: A low-cut, lace-edged silk chemise. I lit a candle and fussed with the chemise straps in the mirror. I worried that the getup looked too old-fashioned with the flowy skirt and lacey detailing. But the second Ben saw me (and started kissing me immediately), it was clear that he L-O-V-E-D what he saw. I liked it too: The silk made me feel sexier than the cotton I usually wore — and much more grown-up, which is exactly how I should feel as a 28-year-old living with my 30-plus boyfriend in New York City. After breaking our dry spell and blowing out the candle, I fell asleep wearing the outfit, which made me feel like I was wrapped in a silk sheet.

A few hours later, I started having one of those ridiculously vivid sex dreams. One hundred percent sure that that Ben was on top of me IRL, I opened my eyes. He was fast asleep beside me. (I mean, it was 5 a.m.) While it’s Ben who typically initiates sex, I took the reins this time, kissing his neck until he was awake enough to kiss me back. We had sex and then slept for a few more hours. This time, I woke up with Ben’s hands all over me. It was like that silk was magic!

After I thoroughly enjoyed a third orgasm since I’d put on the chemise, Ben offered an unsolicited review: “I like the way this thing feels — that I can feel the silk and your skin,” he said while slipping his hand under a strap. “Can you wear it every night? It really turns me on.” I laughed. It was only night one — he had no idea what was in store for him. And I didn’t tell him.

Night 2

Kathleen Kamphausen Slip, VICTORIA’S SECRET

I got a little shy around bedtime on Saturday night. I didn’t know how Ben would respond to seeing me in négligée two nights in a row — Suspicious? Fatigued? I had thought about going with something S&M-ish but chickened out. I chose a deep teal, thigh-length nighty I’d bought myself over six months ago but never got around to wearing. With a wide open back and lace-paneled sides, it was subtly sexy.

Ben was already in bed when I walked into our bedroom in my outfit. He couldn’t believe his luck. “Two nights in a row?!” he asked. “You’d look sexy in anything you wore, but I think I like this,” he said, pulling me into bed.

We had sex that night, leaving the slip on. And Ben didn’t complain when I set my alarm half an hour early for morning sex before brunch the next day. “This is great,” he said, referring to our sex track record: Five times in two days. “Maybe you can get seven outfits and rotate?” [Ed. note: He really said this — you can’t make this stuff up.]

Night 3

Red Lace Bra, $67, and Red Lace Bikini Briefs, $43, HEIDI KLUM INTIMATES, and Black Robe, $50, ADORE ME

We were going out of town to visit friends overnight. I only packed one sleep outfit: a red lace cutout bra and panties with a matching garter belt and stockings, plus a silky black robe. I knew Ben would never expect me to go the distance with his friends on the other side of the wall. (Surprise!)

But then the lobster happened. Lots of lobster. Our hosts prepared a massive barbecue that left us both food-coma-ed out on the couch. There literally couldn’t be a worse time to have sex but I hadn’t packed anything else to sleep in — and it was night three of my challenge!

So while Ben washed up, I put on the bra and panties under my robe, skipping the garter belts and stockings because I couldn’t even (They have no give!). When Ben walked into the bedroom, his eyes got real wide and he raised his brows. “Three nights?!” We started kissing and he untied my robe to see what was waiting underneath. “Wow. But you’d look amazing in your polka dot boxer shorts,” he said. (Confirmed: My boyfriend is the sweetest.)

We made out for a while before he admitted that he’d forgotten to pack condoms. Because I’m not on birth control, do not want a baby at the moment, and I wasn’t dying to have sex in the first place, we settled for snuggling. (Neither one of us was super disappointed, although I sort of wondered whether he was lying about the condom situation just because he was sexed out — a real fear when you start initiating sex on the regular.)

Back at our apartment the next day, I parlayed my condom theory. “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” he responded, adding that forgetting condoms was a tragic mistake. “I love seeing you so in touch with your sexuality — all these outfits turn me on, and you turn me on in general, regardless of what you wear.” As if to prove his point, he peeled off my sweat-soaked clothes (we’d just returned from a bike ride in 80-plus degree heat) and led me to the bedroom, where we had sex in the middle of the afternoon.

Night 4
Lace Thong, VICTORIA’S SECRET, $12

A house guest (Ben’s sister) threw a wrench into my seven-day plan — she planned a spontaneous trip and was going to be on our couch for three nights. While we live in a one-bedroom apart

ment, the walls are paper-thin and I didn’t want to disrespect her by coming on to her brother just a whisper away. But a streak is a streak, and I didn’t want to let our newfound sexual peak flounder. So I had to think strategically, wearing regular PJs outside our bedroom for show. In the bedroom, I stowed a low-maintenance sheer black romper, wondering how Ben would respond to a piece of clothing that’s practically designed to confound men (and/or to make peeing more difficult).

But he got into bed before I had a chance to change out of my regular pajamas. “It’s over?” he asked when he saw me, referring to the lingerie I’d worn the four previous nights. While he didn’t know it, my challenge wasn’t supposed end so soon. So, in an uncharacteristically bold move, I pulled my T-shirt up over my head and shimmied out of my shorts so all I was left wearing was a thong. It wasn’t an official lingerie outfit, but it was less clothing than I’d worn on the previous nights. We snuggled up skin-to-skin, eventually having sex again (with the air conditioning on for background noise). By my count, I’d had nine orgasms over one long weekend. Life was good! So I vowed to pick up with the lingerie the following day.


Night 5

Whisper Teddy, ONLY HEARTS, $99

I was particularly excited for romper night, mostly because it was two nights coming and requires no underwear. I was totally coming around to lingerie and feeling much more confident — especially after Ben’s disappointment when I showed up in PJs the previous night. It confirmed he was on board with the sexy stuff, even after seeing it on consecutive nights.

Surprising Ben with new outfits was starting to feel like a game that I could easily win by acknowledging the rules: It’s like, you know men like when women wear sexy stuff. So if you want to be the sexy girlfriend, you wear it, and you effortlessly dominate anything that competes for your boyfriend’s attention (Bye, phone!). Besides, while Ben and I had always been super affectionate, it was like he couldn’t take his hands off me since night one.

After we said good night to his sister (who was still sleeping on our couch), and Ben went to the bathroom to wash up, I swapped my PC pajamas for the black romper, using the plan I’d failed to carry out the previous night. Then I slipped into bed. When Ben joined me, he was, again, overjoyed. We turned on the AC and had sex super quietly.


Night 6


Ben’s sister was out with some friends for the evening, so we were finally alone in our apartment. It was the perfect night to wear something ballsy: A hot pink, lacy, assless jumpsuit with a crotch slit for good measure. It was something that I would have never, ever, imagined myself wearing before, let alone wearing with confidence.

But six nights into my streak, I had very little modesty left and a boyfriend who

(god bless him) still seemed hungry for more.

So I strapped into the getup, giddy with confidence. I laughed when I looked in the mirror. How insane is this? I thought. He’ll love it.

When Ben walked into the bedroom and saw me huddled under a sheet, he seemed more suspicious than intrigued.

“Um, wow,” he began as he peeled off the blankets. “You know I like this … but I hope you’re not spending all your money on this stuff,” he said, his practicality piercing the mood. For a second, I felt not sexy but silly.

“You’re not writing this for work are you? Are you writing a story? Did you get this stuff for free?” He was on to me. I conceded and told him about the seven-day experiment.

I never planned not to tell Ben about the whole thing. At the time, I thought we’d have more fun if I maintained the element of surprise. And we did have fun! Loads and loads of toe-curling, neighbor-waking fun.

We’d had a super intimate, sex-filled week and were feeling especially close to one another. Here he was, thinking he had the world’s best girlfriend — one who decided to upgrade her pajamas out of the kindness of her heart and the desire to please him. Then, all of a sudden, he was blindsided by a major ulterior motive and the prospect of an audience peeking into his sex life.

Ben accused me of faking my way through everything that had gone on that week. “It’s not real. You never would have worn that stuff just for me, and we wouldn’t have had all that sex,” he said. Still in my hot pink playsuit, I realized he was right.

But only partially. The intimacy, the sex, the confidence I’d developed from wearing sexy stuff — all that was the real deal. And I wouldn’t have volunteered to go so far outside of my comfort zone for any old assignment. I was doing it for Ben.

To me, it was clear that the most fake part of our steamy week was the lingerie. Before the challenge, I’d felt like lingerie was just a costume that women wear to put on a show for their partners. But my relationship with Ben goes so much deeper than theatrics. In real life — in our lives — sex isn’t a show and seduction shouldn’t require costume. After all, we’ve always had amazing sex without any lingerie.

Feeling terribly guilty and teary-eyed, I awkwardly shimmied out of the jumpsuit and back into my PJ shorts and tank top, folding into fetal position on my side of the bed. “I’m not mad at you,” Ben said. “I just need to digest it.”

Night 7
Cropped Cami, $68, and Hipster, $40, ONLY HEARTS

On the last official night of my challenge, I felt particularly conflicted. I’d grown to love wearing luxe negligees. It just felt so classy to slip into bed wearing boudoir garments, and it had helped me feel way more confident about my body. But I worried that I’d ruined lingerie for Ben.

Ultimately, I decided to say fuck it. While I’d begun the challenge with Ben in mind, it was becoming clear that I was the one who’d reaped the greatest rewards. Just six nights of skimpier sleepwear made me feel immeasurably more comfortable in my skin and my bed. Besides, I thought, it’s just as easy to slip on something sexy as it is to put on any old PJs. So I picked out a lacey cropped tank and matching undies from my stash. They were sexy but full-coverage, so I didn’t feel like I was trying way too hard.

“I’m wearing this because it feels good, just so you know,” I announced to Ben as I entered the bedroom.

“You look great,” he said. “Come here.” Then he lifted the covers for me to climb into bed next to him.

We had amazing sex that night. Now that he’s over the big betrayal, and I’m over dressing up for the sake of dressing up, I have every intention to keep my new stuff in my regular PJ rotation — but not just for Ben. For me.


Hope this helped you

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How much Is Our Clothes Really Worth. The True Cost Review part 2

So May 29,2015, I went to see this fashion documentary called The True Cost, I hope you will check out the YouTube trailer that I posted previously the trailer is what really inspired me to go. Anyway the gathering was small with environmental activist, fashionistas, fashion students, and aspiring fashion lawyers, all came to watch this documentary. At the end of the film there was an open discussion, so many thoughts,so many ideas. So I went in ignorant of what really going on in the world, to a person who now is thirst for more about what is really happening. This documentary was amazingly eye-opening, bone chilling, and touched you in a way that you will never look at your own clothes the same ever again. I think personally, information is power, so why not use it  to spark a real change. That is why I’m writing this review I am hoping this blog leads to more than just writing, but a voice of my opinion on how true this documentary is.

I’m just going to give you enough information about the documentary, but I encourage all artist, aspiring fashion designers and merchandisers, to watch The True Cost. The title alone speaks for it self how much is our clothing really worth, and I have to say NOT HIGH ENOUGH. When it first started the fashion was beautiful everything you could ever dream of. But behind everything are smoke and mirrors covering the real truth which are tears, suffering, and unfairness.

Fact: 95% of factories used to be in the U.S. now its only 3% the rest of that percentage is now outsourced. Clothing factory workers in Cambodia, IndiaBangladesh make at least $3 a day or less(I’m talking pennies). The workers are being treated horribly I’m talking; violence, death, pollution, diseases, bad working conditions, corruption(Big companies that make fatal pesticide, also make the medicine just to making more profit). Clothing factory workers are being unethically mistreated, and to demand better working conditions could  lead to death. Then there are the children, parents working in clothing factories for long hours; don’t even get to see their children 1 to 2 times out of year in Bangladesh. they are out slaving to make clothing we wear so that they can give their children an education. That scene in the documentary made me feel so thankful that I was able to see my mom and dad every day while growing up, and tell them I love them. I was just really glad the director of this movie didn’t show children working in factories then the water works would really would be coming (even though it is known that in third world countries children actually work in factories in bad conditions ).

In the United States What is organic? after watching this documentary, it is shocking. You would think when you go in to a clothing store your buying something that says and that is labeled organic. I’m tell you now, IT IS NOT, genetically modified plants, have been sprayed with HARMFUL chemicals in our cotton.

At the end of the documentary I was shocked ashamed, and sickened. I saw actual consumers talk about how much they love their clothes,  how beautiful it looks, how good it will look on me, and how much of a good, low price it was. When actually they don’t stop and think how much suffering, long hours, and sacrifice went into making those beautiful, cheap clothes you wear (sorry if it come out harsh, but its the truth). In the end big corporations are the ones make most of the profit, while the actual worker get paid close to nothing.

Fashion is number two leading cause of pollution. fashion uses a lot of resources at least 11 million in textile waste. A lot of the resources are not included in the cost.

I am not writing this because I’m telling you to hate fashion, I love fashion, I love the way it make me feel, beautiful. I’m just saying there has to be a better way so that every side wins, and for that to happen the fashion world just need to stop and think. The cheap prices of what you get from clothing stores actually comes at a much higher price than you think. Are you willing to pay a higher price so that others in a another country can have better working conditions. are you willing to spread this message around to spark a change.

A message to future designers and merchandisers need to form a change and set some standards for the future. We cant continue this way.

Do you really think in 10 year we will we see a change in how fashion does things?



The True Cost Trailer part 1

Hi, everyone I would like to talk to you about this new documentary coming out its called The True Cost I’m going to see tomorrow may 29, 2015, directed by Andrew Morgan, produced by Micheal Ross. This is of course about Fashion, but not the sugar-coated kind. Below is the trailer, the trailer alone gave me shivers. Behind the beauty of fashion its looks like bad warehouse conditions,corruption, and pollution. this documentary shows you what fashion really is and the price others have to pay to give us the latest fashion. I hope this trailer will touch you in some way to make a change. Is America better than this? can we do something to change the outcome of where fashion is heading?

After i see it i hope to give a review about the documentary.

Please leave a comment, and share this around.

In the fashion world there need to be a change.


Hosted By: Fashion Inspires More Cocktail Hour & Panel Discussion

360 Spaces 220 NW 27th St. Miami, Florida

 See more at:

Link to the movie and author website



Bad Girl Traits All Guys Want in a Woman

You don’t have to be a bad girl in order to have some bad girl traits. In fact, it’s better to possess a few of those traits than to be bad overall. As fun as it looks to be nasty and to only care about yourself, those types of girls are nothing but trouble. However, they certainly have some positive traits that men look for, and here are a few of them:

1. Adventurous

A lot of men are afraid of settling down, because they don’t want to be stuck doing the same old thing day in and day out. That’s why, when they actually do settle down, they want to be with an adventurous woman. That way, every single day won’t consist of the same schedule. Sometimes they’ll go off and do something unexpected and fun instead of staying in and watching Netflix. It’s what keeps things fresh and interesting.

2. Confident

You’ve heard time and time again that confidence is the most important trait in a woman. Well, it’s the truth. Men want to find women who are happy with who she is and knows that she deserves the very best. When you keep your held high, it’s amazing how many men will notice you.

3. Naughty

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that men are obsessed with intercourse. They want to settle down with someone who will do naughty things with them inside of the bedroom or even in public. They believe in the whole “lady in the streets and a freak under the sheets” mentality.

4. Independent

Men want to be with women who stand up for themselves and can take care of themselves. As much as they enjoy opening jars and fixing cars for their mate, they don’t want to be stuck doing everything for them. They need someone who is capable of living life without him, but chooses to live life with him.

5. Blunt

Men hate mind games. When you’re upset, they want you to tell them exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it. When you have a story about your day, they want you to get straight to the point. The more blunt you are, the happier your man will be. Don’t worry about sounding a little cruel, because it’s what he prefers.

6. Seductive

Men are used to being the ones to initiating kisses, but they love when a woman will do the work for them. You don’t have to be in charge all of the time, but you should take control once in a while. Your man will love your dominance, so don’t be shy. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

7. Passion

A kiss without passion is still nice, but it’s not very memorable. Every man wants to find a woman who is as passionate about him as he is about her. He wants someone who will enjoy touching his lips and feeling his skin. Passion is a huge deal, so if you’re able to kiss your man without feeling a spark, you might have to look for a new mate.

You don’t want to be bad to the bone–you just want to have some “bad girl” traits and remain a “good girl” overall. That way, everybody wins and you won’t break any hearts. What other “bad girl” traits do men usually look for in women?

Happy pre-valentines day. Hope this helped you.